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Dewar Crop Protection Ltd. | The comprehensive crop protection service

Dewar Crop Protection

Dewar Crop Protection Ltd. offers the comprehensive crop protection service, from field trials to advisory leaflets.
For chemical companies
Development and pre-sales trials on a wide range of crops
Environmental assessments including impact on non-target organism in the environment.

For product marketing:
Images for advisory and marketing materials from print to presentations and websites
Up-to-date expertise to ensure your messages are accurate and compelling.

For universities and colleges:
Courses on current crop protection methods in the UK and Europe
Assistance in writing and editing papers and reports.

We can consider just about any subject to do with crop protection. You just have to ask.
Crop trials chemical testing england
Sugar beet trials with virus yellows infected plots
insecticide testing england
Cereal aphids, Sitobion avenae, on wheat
Crop Protection England
Effects of soil pests on sugar beet establishment


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