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Alan Dewar was one of the managers of the Government-sponsored Farm Scale Evaluations of genetically modified herbicide tolerant (GMHT) crops conducted from 1999-2004. Building on that experience, Dewar Crop Protection can offer similar field scale studies, or much smaller plot studies, on the environmental impact of chemicals, biologicals or new technologies on:
hover fly
Hover fly
7-spot ladybird
- Carabid and staphylinid beetles
- spiders
- Parasitoids
- Predators such as ladybirds, lacewings and hover flies
- Earthworms
- Soil micro-fauna
- Weeds and their seeds

seed rain trap
Seed rain trap
Vortis suction sampler
Vortis suction sampler
water trap
Yellow water trap
Using a variety of recognised standard ecological techniques including:

Pitfall traps
Vortis suction samplers
Sweep nets
Sticky traps
Seed rain traps
Water traps

If we can't identify it ourselves, we have access to a network of taxonomists who can.

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